Murder, etc. could not do as much as it does without its supporters from the Amateurs ETC group. There are several levels of membership, including Member, Investigator, and Lead Investigator. 

Our biggest supporters include those in our VIP Investigators and Senior Investigator groups. Those members are listed in the order in which they joined. 

If you would like to learn more about supporting Murder, etc., please visit the Amateurs ETC page or go directly to the Murder, etc. Patreon page. 

Special thanks to Amateurs ETC charter members Andy Ethridge and Kristy Smith-Palmer for their efforts behind the scenes.


David & Makiko Behr

Adrienne Carter

Shirley Rosario

Larry Carpenter



Charles Stillman

Eric Ramsey


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Tommy Mason

Maureen McCarthy

Olivia Whitman

Al Rash

Rick Porter

Cate Chapman

Mike Smith

RJ Willis

Drew Bishop

Nicole Rogers

Alex Kay

Brian May