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Synopsis: On the afternoon of January 31, 1975, someone shot Rufus and Frank Looper at their garage on Pendleton St. in Greenville, SC. Here you will find files related to this case. We will update this section regularly with items relevant to the most recent episodes.

Photos: To see photos from the Looper murder crime scene and more, visit the Murder, etc. Photo Gallery.


This file contains any documents not directly related to the initial Looper murders investigation.

Raymond “Country” Small

Below you will find a few of the documents inside Country’s Small’s Department of Corrections file, including the lawsuit Bugs Hassie’s estate filed against Small, Ballard George, and Frank Walker.

Bugs Hassie Lawsuit 

Country Small Face Sheet 

Parole rejection 

Country Small protective custody 

The People’s Drug Job


On January 3, 1975, Jackie Delk, Raymond Hassie, and Deputy Danny Alexander broke into the People’s Drug Store in Greenville County’s Berea community. After cutting a hole in the roof, they set off the burglar alarm and ran away before stealing anything. Delk left his knapsack behind. Its contents included Delk’s wallet, driver’s license, and address book. For more, visit the episode page for A Bunch of Amateurs.

Files: Incident report

The Murder of Raymond “Bugs” Hassie


Raymond “Bugs” Hassie was a low-level thief who worked with the Dixie Mafia around the Southeast. On February 25, 1975, Raymond “Country” Small and Frank Walker murdered Hassie and dumped his body on Paris Mountain. They said a man named Ballard George paid them to do it. You can read more about the murders in Ghost Bridge.

Files: Frank Walker’s signed confession

The people: 


Raymond(Redacted)Early member of Dawson Gang who failed to protect fellow members during botched kidnapping
JuniorAdamsOwner of Adams Junk Yard in the 1970s
Danny AlexanderCorrupt Greenville County deputy
BobAriail1990s-2000s 13th Circuit Solicitor
AlAshemoreSheriff’s narcotics deputy who took Beverly Ann Johnson’s statement about Larry Poole
LarryAtkinsGreenville County preacher and publisher of a newspaper that opposed Sheriff Cash Williams
MatthewBeachamOne of the first Greenville Police officers on the Looper murder scene; died during a foot chase in 1983
Shedrick “Puddin” BelcherWakefield alibi witness
Jay BelkSon of volunteer undercover narc, John Belk
Freida BelkWife of volunteer undercover narc, John Belk
JohnBelkVolunteer undercover narc who worked with Frank Looper
Robert Joe BennefieldEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
John BoyanoskiGreenville historian and author
MikeBridgesLooper murders investigator, retired Chief of Police, died 2010
Johnny MackBrownGreenville County Sheriff
LeonardBrownFounder of Southeastern Alarm Systems; two-time candidate for Greenville County Sheriff
James BrownWakefield alibi witness
LeeBrownBrad Willis’ former boss at WYFF-TV; called by sheriff at behest of Eddie Williamson
LeonardBrown, Jr.Leonard Brown’s son
John “Olin” ButlerGreenville fence and informant for Det. Jim Christopher 
Bill “Boo Boo” ButlerWakefield family friend, testified on Wakefield’s behalf as part of alibi defense
LukeCannonMember of the Dawson Gang; based in Greenville, SC
MilesCheathamFrank Looper’s partner, currently working at Anderson Area Medical Center
JimChristopherAKA Chris, lead detective in the Looper murders case
MaxCoursonJournalist and author, wrote book on Dawson Gang leader Willie Foster Sellers
JimmyCreamerMember of the Dawson Gang  
MelvinCroftFormer Greenville Police Officer who was friends with Frank Looper
DexterCruelCharles Wakefield’s cousin who got in a fight with Furman Wakefield
InezCruelWakefield’s aunt and alibi witness
EddieCruelCharles Wakefield, Jr.’s cousin
DebbieDavenportListener featured in Episode 14 SPOTTERS
J.W.DavisGreenville Police Officer who took report about a possible hit man in town
Billy Ray DawsonMember of Foster Sellers’ bank robbery crew; incorrectly credited as being its leader
DeWittDawsonPatriarch of Alabama’s Dawson crime family
JackieDelkDixie Mafia drug dealer and drug thief
TomDonohueGreenville, SC FBI resident agent for two decades
J.L.DyeGreenville Police Officer who took report about a possible hit man in town
SteveEdwardsWas told informant Anthony Outzs was spreading street talk about a hit man in town to kill a narcotics agent
Ryan QuadeEmersonThe name Ivan Nachman assumed shortly after his time in Greenville County
Frank EppesJudge who presided over Looper murder trial
Frank Eppes, Jr.Defense attorney and son of Looper murder trial judge
Andy EthridgeGreenville County resident who privately investigated Looper case
Lowell FletcherVeteran South Carolina broadcast journalist
DavidGarrettFounding member of Amateurs ETC
Donald “Pee Wee” GaskinsSouth Carolina serial killer
BallardGeorgeAlignment shop owner and Dixie Mafia fixer, convicted of accessory charges in murder of Raymond “Bugs” Hassie
BillyGeorgeBallard George’s nephew, killed Wolf Mathis in 1997 gunfight
FurmanGeorgeBallard George’s brother
TipGibsonAccused by Eddie Williamson of shooting Frank Looper’s house
Phil GibsonFormer Greenville County deputy, race car owner, member of Dawson Gang
RitaGillespieFrank Looper’s girlfriend/fiance in January 1975
Robert GillespieCareer cop and six-year investigator for Greenville Co. Public Defender; Rita Gillespie’s ex-husband
EricGottliebAttorney who worked to free Charles Wakefield
Ed GrayEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
DannetteGreeneCareer sheriff’s office employee; one of last to speak to Frank Looper; Deputy Bill Greene’s wife
BillGreeneRetired Greenville County Deputy; Danette Greene’s husband
BlairGriffinEmployment commission employee subpoenaed by Wakefield’s defense
Larry HackerMember of Dawson Gang; escaped prison with James Earl Ray
Thomas RayHambyGreenville eccentric who staged wild protests against Sheriff Cash Williams
R.L. HandOne of first Greenville Police officers on the Looper Murder scene; made initial crime scene sketch
Wyatt EarpHarperTestified against Wakefield, recanted testimony 30 years later
Raymond “Bugs”HassieDixie Mafia thief, murdered in a contract killing and dumped on Paris Mountain in 1975
William “Hoppy” HopkinsOwner of Hoppy’s 77 Sunset Strip; Larry Smith’s uncle
AnneHopkinsHoppy Hopkins’ wife; Larry Smith’s aunt
GladysHuff1975 Greenville County victim, found strangled, shot, and left dead with a nylon bag over her head
JerryHufflinRace car driver accused by Eddie Williamson of shooting Frank Looper’s house
Bill HuskeyParis Mountain resident
ThelmaHuskeyParis Mountain resident
Dick James1970s criminal defense attorney; committed suicide January 2019
HaroldJenningsGPD Captain at time of murders, promoted to chief six weeks later
WillieJohnsonArresting officer in Wakefield case, retired Chief of Police
Beverly AnnJohnsonTold police Larry Poole had confessed to killing Loopers & later retracted statement
HalJonesCab driver killed by Larry Poole in May 1970
Danny JonesRetired narcotics deputy who considered Frank Looper his mentor
Sammy Kay, Jr.Preacher who gave 2019 sermon on Bub Skelton
LyndonLaRoucheConspiracy theorist and fringe Presidential candidate investigated by Ivan Nachman / Ryan Quade Emerson
RebeccaLawrenceWakefield cousin, served as alibi witness at trial
Billy LedbetterGreenville County deputy and City View policeman in 1970s
WillLewis2016-elected Greenville County sheriff currently under indictment
Frank Looper1975 head of Greenville County Narcotics Unit, murdered January 31, 1975
RufusLooperFrank Looper’s father, murdered January 31, 1975
Vera LooperRufus Looper’s wife, Frank Looper’s mother, witnessed suspected killer running away
Rufus FranklinLooper, Sr.Rufus Looper’s father, Frank Looper’s grandfather
BenMalennowskiInstructor at the Zonn Polygraph Institute who examined Charles Wakefield’s test results
BobMartinSheriff of Greenville County for 16 years; defeated by Cash Williams in 1972
Edna Mae MashburnEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
WolfMathisBar owner who gave Fast Eddie Williamson his nickname
AdeleMcAuleyFrank Looper’s cousin
JuliaMcAuleyRufus Looper’s sister
ScottMcAuleyFrank Looper’s cousin
CharlesMcCarterGreenville businessman alleged to have been middleman between Cash Williams and Greenville underworld
Forest “Cotton” McGuireDixie Mafia gangster for whom Fast Eddie Williamson allegedly worked in Chicago
VanessaMcKinneyCharles Wakefield, Jr.’s sister
HenryMcMasterCurrent South Carolina Governor
BethMcPherson1975 Greenville County Council chair who ran Ivan Nachman out of South Carolina
IvanNachman1975 Greenville South Carolina Sheriff’s Office internal investigator
Julius “Bubba” NessJudge who gave Fast Eddie Williamson four years for Tommy Pearson killing
Manny NixCharles Wakefield, Jr.’s cousin
E.N.NorrisPolice chief at time of Looper Murders; retired weeks later
Vardry McBeeNorrisMember of organized crime ring in 1970s; murdered on Paris Mountain in 1977
Clyde NorrisGreenville County Deputy indicted for corruption; Bub Skelton’s brother-in-law
Anthony OutzsCited as source for first information about a hit on Looper; convicted of killing Vardry Norris
ViolaOwensEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
Kristy SmithPalmerLarry’s Smith’s daughter; founding member of Amateurs ETC
H. FurmanParisGPD Detective who took Beverly Ann Johnson’s statement about Larry Poole
RichardPearisGreenville founder from whom Paris Mountain took its name
Tommy PearsonShot in the face by Fast Eddie Williamson in 1971
KenPettusFootball coach and undercover narc in 1975, currently working as Athletic Director at Furman University
JoelPoinsettGreenville patron, led construction of Poinsett Bridge
Larry PooleConvicted murderer who police built a case against for the Looper murders
DougRossGreenville Police Officer who played small role in Looper murder investigation
CharlieRussoGreenville musician who died in June 1975 robbery at Ye Olde Fireplace
BrandonSaltmarshServed as voice for Ed Gray in Episode 3: Ghost Bridge
MeganSaltmarshServed as voice for Viola Owens in  Episode 3: Ghost Bridge
Al SaltmarshLieutenant over Narcotics at GCSO in the 1990s
Willie FosterSellersLeader of the bank robbers known as The Dawson Gang
EllenSellersWillie Foster Sellers’ mother
ArthurSellersWillie Foster Sellers’ father
Tommy ShawJailhouse informant who asked Charles Wakefield to bring him a gun in jail
Carl “Bub”SkeltonCorrupt Greenville County Deputy 
Raymond “Country”SmallContract killer convicted of murdering Raymond “Bugs” Hassie, died in prison in 2001
LarrySmithGreenville County business owner who grew up in West Greenville
DerrickSmithIdentified by an informant as a potential suspect in the Looper murders
WillieSuttonFamous Depression-era bank robber; inspiration for Foster Sellers’ career
Sunny SuttonGreenville private investigator who conducted polygraph exams on Charles Wakefield and Cash Williams
GeorgeSyracuseIdentified by an informant as a potential suspect in the Looper murders
Harold “Scar” TaylorSouth Carolina gangster known to be one of the deadliest men in the south
CharlesWakefield, Jr.Convicted of the Looper murders, currently living in North Carolina on parole
FurmanWakefieldSwore out a warrant on Charles Wakefield for assault after fight with Dexter Cruel
Frank WalkerFormer Greenville County deputy, contract killer convicted of Raymond “Bugs” Hassie murder, currently on parole and living in Greenville Co.
LynnWestWorked for Public Defender’s office for 30 years
Robert Whatley1990s narcotics officer who arrested Fast Eddie Williamson
KnoxWhiteGreenville, South Carolina Mayor
BillyWilkins1975 13th Circuit Solictor who prosecuted Charles Wakefield
CashWilliamsGreenville County sheriff from 1972 to 1976
MorrisWilliamsA target of Greenville County Sheriff’s Office internal affairs investigator Ivan Nachman
Charles WilliamsAKA Goldie McCrary, known as the Reedy River killer; convicted of overdosing three girls and dumping them in the Reedy River
JohnWilliamsThe man Charles Wakefield paid to buy the gun he intended to take to Tommy Shaw
Arthur Edward “Fast Eddie”WilliamsonMember of the Dawson Gang and one of South Carolina’s most notorious criminals
Ott WilliamsonFast Eddie Williamson’s father
BradWillisMurder etc. host and producer
SamuelWillis1927 Greenville County Sheriff, assassinated outside his garage
Mr. XFirst homicide of 1975 in Greenville County, SC

In the event any episode has contained a mistake or need for clarification, that clarification will appear here as soon as it has been identified.

Ghost Bridge (Episode 3): Billy Wilkins mistakenly said Ballard George towed the bloody car back to his garage. In fact, Walker and Small left the vehicle behind Furman University where it was later found by an officer with the Furman Public Safety Department. Small had left his shotgun inside the vehicle.

Southern Railroad (Episode 7): During an interview, Billy Wilkins mistakenly remembered cross-examining Charles Wakefield’s stepmother during Wakefield’s trial. Murder, etc. repeated this recollection in two places of the episode, but later determined Wakefield’s stepmother did not testify at trial, despite having given a police statement saying she saw Wakefield at her house on the afternoon of January 31, 1975.