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Synopsis: On the afternoon of January 31, 1975, someone shot Rufus and Frank Looper at their garage on Pendleton St. in Greenville, SC. Here you will find files related to this case. We will update this section regularly with items relevant to the most recent episodes.


Synopsis: Raymond “Bugs” Hassie was a low-level thief who worked with the Dixie Mafia around the Southeast. On February 25, 1975, Raymond “Country” Small and Frank Walker murdered Hassie and dumped his body on Paris Mountain. They said a man named Ballard George paid them to do it. You can read more about the murders in Episode 3: Ghost Bridge.

Files: Frank Walker’s signed confession

The people: 


Jay BelkSon of volunteer undercover narc, John Belk
Freida BelkWife of volunteer undercover narc, John Belk
JohnBelkVolunteer undercover narc who worked with Frank Looper
Robert Joe BennefieldEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
John BoyanoskiGreenville historian and author
MikeBridgesLooper murders investigator, retired Chief of Police, died 2010
Johnny MackBrownGreenville County Sheriff
MilesCheathamFrank Looper’s partner, currently working at Anderson Area Medical Center
MaxCoursonJournalist and author, wrote book on Dawson Gang leader Willie Foster Sellers
TomDonohueGreenville, SC FBI resident agent for two decades
Andy EthridgeGreenville Conuty resident who privately investigated Looper case
BallardGeorgeAlignment shop owner and Dixie Mafia fixer, convicted of accessory charges in murder of Raymond “Bugs” Hassie
EricGottliebAttorney who worked to free Charles Wakefield
Ed GrayEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
Wyatt EarpHarperTestified against Wakefield, recanted testimony 30 years later
Raymond “Bugs”HassieDixie Mafia thief, murdered in a contract killing and dumped on Paris Mountain in 1975
Bill HuskeyParis Mountain resident
ThelmaHuskeyParis Mountain resident
WilileJohnsonArresting officer in Wakefield case, retired Chief of Police
Frank Looper1975 head of Greenville County Narcotics Unit, murdered January 31, 1975
RufusLooperFrank Looper’s father, murdered January 31, 1975
Vera LooperRufus Looper’s wife, Frank Looper’s mother, witnesses suspected killer running away
Rufus FranklinLooper Sr.Rufus Looper’s father, Frank Looper’s grandfather
Edna Mae MashburnEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
AdeleMcAuleyFrank Looper’s cousin
JuliaMcAuleyRufus Looper’s sister
ScottMcAuleyFrank Looper’s cousin
ViolaOwensEyewitness to suspected killer escaping Looper Garage
RichardPearisGreenville founder from whom Paris Mountain took its name
KenPettusFootball coach and undercover narc in 1975, currentlly working as Atheletic Director at Furman University
JoelPoinsettGreenville patron, led construction of Poinsett Bridge
BrandonSaltmarshServed as voice for Ed Gray in Episide 3: Ghost Bridge
MeganSaltmarshServed as voice for Viola Owens in  Episode 3: Ghost Bridge
Raymond “Country”SmallContract killer convicted of murdering Raymond “Bugs” Hassie, died in prison
LarrySmithGreenville County business owner who grew up in West Greenville
CharlesWakefieldConvicted of the Looper murders, currently living in North Carolina on parole
Frank WalkerFormer Greenville County deputy, contract killer convicted of Raymond “Bugs” Hassie murder, currently on parole and living in Greenville Co.
LynnWestWorked for Public Defender’s office for 30 years
BillyWilkins1975 13th Circuit Solictor who prosecuted Charles Wakefield
BradWillisMurder etc. host and producer
SamuelWillis1927 Greenville County Sheriff, assassinated outside his garage