A city overrun by corruption, violence, and the Dixie Mafia. A narcotics cop on the way to cracking the biggest case of his life. A man sent to South Carolina’s Death Row. A community on the verge of finally facing its dark and bloody past.    



Murder etc. trailer

Spend two minutes inside 1975 Greenville, SC. Meet two innocent men gunned down in their own garage. Meet a man sent to South Carolina's Death Row. Meet a gang of notorious criminals and corrupt cops. And then, begin with Episode 1.

1. January 31, 1975

Vera Looper looked out her window on the warmest January day of her lifetime and saw something that scared her. Within 24 hours, her husband and son were dead. Police said it was random robbery gone bad, but four decades later, Vera Looper's family thinks differently. And so does the man condemned to death.

2. Finding Frank Looper

The warning shots weren't enough to scare the county's top drug cop. The next shots scared a community for another four decades. Frank Looper's family looks back at a compassionate hunter and the warnings he ignored in a fight against organized crime.

3. Ghost Bridge

Greenville, South Carolina has earned its ghosts. They've haunted every place from the mountains to downtown. Now, it's time to reckon with them, the warning shots, the Dixie Mafia hitmen, and eyewitnesses that seem to just disappear.

4. Motherless Child

South Carolina planned to kill Charles Wakefield. If the state had succeeded in doing so, no one would have ever heard the man say he was innocent. Wakefield managed to live, and now he is telling his story.

5. Bub

If you're looking for the fine line between right and wrong, don't bother looking in Greenville, South Carolina. That line disappeared a long time ago, and no one has seen it since. Speaking of which, it's time for you to meet Bub.

6. Unexpected Company

In the South, you never know who might come calling. Some days, it's a pleasure, a friend with a gift, or an old love. On the worst days, it's the last unexpected guest you'll ever greet.

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7. Southern railroad

What does one-time prosecutor Billy Wilkins know that everyone else doesn't? Where was Charles Wakefield, Jr. on January 31st? It's time to get some answers.

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