Adele McAuley

Adele McAuley is a native of Greenville, SC, the daughter of Julia McAuley, and Lt. Frank Looper’s cousin. McAuley attended Parker High School before going on to get several advanced degrees. Now retired from a career in business, she is studying to become a Master Gardener and managing several other business interests. She currently lives in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

McAuley was in her 20s when her cousin Frank and uncle Rufus were murdered. In the 1990s, she began to serve as an advocate for Charles Wakefield, Jr., the man convicted in her relatives’ murders. She worked with fellow Wakefield advocates for more than a decade in an effort to secure Wakefield’s parole. She continues to speak on his behalf and in support of further investigation into the Looper murders.

(Charles Wakefield) is not a killer. And knowing the Greenville, South Carolina that I grew up in and the racial divide at that time, I just think the good ol’ boys did whatever the good ol’ boys needed to do.

Adele McAuley

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