Brad Willis

Murder, etc. Live #1: Mr. X

Producers Brad Willis and Andy Ethridge adhere to the pandemic social distancing requirements and tell the story of Greenville, South Carolina’s first murder of 1975 and the man still known today as Mr. X.

Bonus Episode: Brad Willis live at Endeavor

Listen to Brad Willis speak live at Greenville, South Carolina’s Endeavor co-working community

Episode 22: Miss Mae

A family secret, a hidden gun, and some of the most dramatic developments in the Murder, etc. story to date

Brad Willis introduces Amateurs ETC

Murder, etc. producer and host Brad Willis explains the motivation behind Amateurs ETC

Episode 3: Ghost Bridge

Greenville, South Carolina has earned its ghosts. They’ve come from all haunts. Lawmen have killed other lawmen. Contract killers have rid their criminal syndicates of their rats. Eyewitnesses have disappeared into the ether. Ghost Bridge hunts those ghosts and reveals some startling stories that happened right around the time someone murdered Rufus and Frank Looper.

Episode 2: Finding Frank Looper

The warning shots weren’t enough to scare the county’s top drug cop. The next shots scared a community for another four decades. Frank Looper’s family looks back at a compassionate hunter and the warnings he ignored in a fight against organized crime.

Episode 1: January 31, 1975

One warm winter day changes a southern city forever.