Eric Gottlieb

Episode 27: Amazing Grace

The season finale of Murder, etc. chronicles Charles Wakefield, Jr.’s 35-year effort to get out of prison and the time afterward as he tries to prove his innocence.

Episode 15: The Difference Between A and THE

Charles Wakefield may have been innocent of murder, but he was not 100% innocent of everything.

Episode 13: The Other Word on the Street

The police told you about one word on the street. The didn’t tell you about the other.

Episode 10: Good Ol’ Boys

Master bank robber Foster Sellers knew his destiny, but he didn’t know how it would change Greenville, SC

Episode 9: Saint Christopher

What does it mean to be a good cop? Does it require justice?

Episode 6: Unexpected Company

Unexpected Company begins Murder, etc.’s deep dive into the documents, pictures, and stories that Greenville County has never heard about the Looper murders. It includes an interview with one of the last people to speak to Frank Looper, new details of what Looper’s mother told police, a possible explanation for why some eyewitnesses weren’t called at trial, revelations about the crowded crime scene, and previously unrevealed report that supported the theory that a hit man killed the Loopers. For more, read the show notes or listen to the episode above. For more details not covered in the podcast episode, read KILLER below.

Episode 5: Bub

Carl “Bub” Skelton was an expert in catching crooks. It’s easier when you’re a crook yourself.

Episode 1: January 31, 1975

One warm winter day changes a southern city forever.