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Good Ol’ Boys is the story of Willie Foster Sellers, the South’s most prolific bank robber, and his connections to the Dixie Mafia in Greenville, South Carolina. For more, read the show notes or listen to the episode above.

The Dawson Gang

For years, the FBI chased Foster Sellers and his band of good ol’ boys around the southeast. Here are some of the faces of the men agents were trying to nab.

Meet the Billy Ray … of today

The FBI called Foster Sellers’s good ol’ boys “The Dawson Gang,” which Sellers and many others claimed to be a misnomer of the first order. Sellers believed the FBI hoped the public would mentally associate The Dawson Gang with the 19th-century bandits The Dalton Gang.

Nevertheless, because a young Billy Ray Dawson hooked up with Sellers, the bank robbing crew became known as The Dawson Gang.

Today, Billy Ray Dawson operates Dawson Distillery in Alabama. You’ll see him in the promotional video below.


The Timeline

Keep track of all the important people, events, and when they happened in the interactive Murder, etc. timeline.

Max Courson’s Dixie Mafia Gangster

Read Max Courson’s book, Dixie Mafia Gangster on Kindle or visit his website.

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Show notes:

Good Ol’ Boys introduces listeners to Willie Foster Sellers, one of the best and most prolific bank robbers from the American South and the leader of the so-called Dawson Gang.

After a quick study on Sellers’s life, Good Ol’ Boys explores Sellers’s connection to Greenville, South Carolina, the corrupt sheriff’s deputy Carl “Bub” Skelton, and one of Greenville’s hardest Dixie Mafia Gangsters.

Finally, the episode introduces listeners to Luke Cannon, a Dixie Mafia fixer and friend to Bub Skelton, and ties both men to a massive drug heist that Frank Looper might have been investigating.

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Featured interviews in Good Ol’ Boys

5 comments on Episode 10: Good Ol’ Boys

  1. Larry Smith says:

    Another great Episode as facts continue widen out / speaking of Facts , a Funny thing happened today , someone complained today on Facebook about Murder ect being posted on Greenville Natives , said this case had been FULLY INVESTIGATED ,a man found Guilty & served his time & don’t think much of us that follows Murder Ect / strange thing to me is this guy complaining has a reputation of being a Historian for Greenville & enjoys correcting people when they don’t agree with his memory of the facts / what I do know is he worked for the Sheriffs Office for MANY years , & I feel he knows things , but as the Story goes they always had each others back , you don’t rat out another cop / this comment of mine will probably tick him off , but oh wait ,he said he don’t follow these Podcast , so if you don’t tell him , he won’t know

    1. Carey says:

      Funny how a historian who worked for the Sheriff office for many years says we shouldn’t be looking in to this. I’ve been listening to this podcast for about a month now and I believe it was an inside job and some of these “big names” were in on it too.

    2. Kristal Tunell says:

      This is pure shit lol. I’m the granddaughter of DeWitt Dawson’s brother Donald Dawson and these folks right here!!!? Smh wow

  2. Angela Sellers says:

    My father was Willie Foster Sellers and my mother was Barbara Sellers. This podcast was interesting to listen too . There is still so much of my fathers story that people have never heard.

  3. Kell Hallcombe says:

    Yes I would like to join .

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