Charles Wakefield

FBI to test gun, Looper murder bullets

Looper murders bullets and Rossi to be tested at FBI headquarters

Wakefield attorneys want independent gun test

Charles Wakefield Jr.’s attorneys want to conduct an independent ballistics analysis of a .32 Rossi revolver discovered by Murder, etc.

Episode 27: Amazing Grace

The season finale of Murder, etc. chronicles Charles Wakefield, Jr.’s 35-year effort to get out of prison and the time afterward as he tries to prove his innocence.

Episode 25: Playing by the Rules

How did prosecutors convict Charles Wakefield Jr.? They played by the rules…just not the rules you know.

Episode 24: Peerless

How would you build a jury of Charles Wakefield’s peers?

Special Report: Gone

After the discovery of potential new evidence in the Looper murders case, a startling report of what’s happening inside the Greenville Police Department.

Special Report: Cutting the Lock

Bombshell admission of new evidence accusing a lawman of the Looper murders

Episode 16: Behind the Wall

Charles Wakefield survived Death Row…and ended up in hell.

Episode 15: The Difference Between A and THE

Charles Wakefield may have been innocent of murder, but he was not 100% innocent of everything.

Episode 13: The Other Word on the Street

The police told you about one word on the street. The didn’t tell you about the other.